Client Group

Autism Spectrum Condition

Autism has been around for centuries and despite researches we know that there is no one rule fit all for autistic individuals.

Care for Elderly

It is inevitable that as we get older we are less able to do what we were able to when we were younger, whatever the experience you have had we are here to make sure that the later days experiences are positive and satisfying.

Dementia Services

You worry about the quality of care they would receive from carers. It may be personal care, help with preparing meals and feeding, or support with housework. Whatever the need, we at Everliving services are always ready to offer support.

Learning Disability Services

We provide support for individuals with learning disability within our supported living service. We understand learning disability can range from mild to severe, and can often be complex when there are other accompanying diagnosis.

Mental Health Services

Mental health conditions such as Depression and anxiety may have a huge impact on your confidence. This may mean you just want to stay indoors without any social interaction or even lying in bed without the confidence to do day to day chores.

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